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As our business puts customer satisfaction first we feel it is our duty of care to make you aware of products that can help you with the aftercare of your vehicle, protecting your vehicle and helping maximise the future residual value of your vehicle.

As responsible motor industry professionals we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer these products. We will only recommend you products that we believe will be beneficial to you and your vehicle.

Each of our fully trained Sales Executives are FCA accredited for each of these products. This means that they can explain, demonstrate and sell these products to you and you can rest assured that you have received expert advice.

Click the products below to find out more information about each product.

If your car is stolen (and not recovered) or written off in an accident, would you like to be in the position to buy a replacement vehicle just as good as the one you bought originally? If you answer yes, then Financial Shortfall Insurance is the answer.

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, road traffic accidents and car crime are inescapable facts of life. Our Financial Shortfall Insurance has been designed to help you protect your financial position in the event of a ‘total loss’ insurance claim - this is where your motor insurer assesses your vehicle to be uneconomical or beyond repair, or it has been stolen and not recovered. Financial Shortfall Insurance has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers and offers protection for both finance and cash buyers. The product is optional and has no influence on applications for credit.

How can Financial Shortfall Insurance help you?

Motor Insurers typically pay you the market value of your car at the time the incident occurred, which is unlikely to be the same as you originally paid. This may put a similar vehicle replacement out of reach due to the financial loss incurred. In the event of a total loss, Financial Shortfall Insurance covers you against the gap between the market value of your vehicle at the time of loss and either the original invoice price of your vehicle or the outstanding balance on your finance (if applicable), whichever is the higher claim amount, making it easier to get a ‘like for like’ vehicle replacement.

Additional benefits & eligibility

  • Cover lasts 36 months.
  • If you have financed your vehicle over a term of 37 to 60 months and a total loss occurs during this period, our cover will pay the difference between the market value and the outstanding balance on your finance.
  • Available on new and used vehicles, (apart from commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons), as long as they are listed in Glass’s Guide (a specialist publication that provides vehicle valuations).
  • Provides cover, up to a maximum of £20,000 for the full duration of your policy.
  • Will pay up to £350 towards your insurance excess.
  • Includes the cost of manufacturer fitted options shown on the vehicles invoice (dealer fitted not included).

Shortfall Insurance

Once treated with the Diamondbrite protection you will never have to polish your car again!

Diamondbrite protection is carefully applied to your vehicle leaving a hard, high gloss protective ‘shield’ which prevents caustic atmospheric pollutants from contacting your car’s paintwork. For a professional finish that is lifetime Guaranteed, Diamondbrite can only be applied at authorized Diamondbrite centers like Sidegate Motors and by our fully-trained technicians using specialist equipment.

Once treated with the Diamondbrite process you will never have to polish your car again. Simply wash down using Diamondbrite Shampoo or Diamondbrite Waterless Wash and Wax, as often as necessary.

Diamondbrite comes with a lifetime guarantee and therefore is a very worthwhile investment.

Paint Protection

Interior protection included for free!

Fabric Protection During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fiber is coated with an invisible resin-based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains. Diamondbrite has been successfully tested with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, alcohol, milk, fruit juices, cola, fizzy drinks, chocolate, confectionery and grease from foodstuffs. All of these were repelled by the treated fabric and either passed straight through the weave or beaded up allowing an easy wipe away.

Carpet Protection

Carpets take so much abuse that often-simple vacuuming isn’t enough. Fabric protection seals the base and surface fibers to enable dirt and grime including dog hairs to be more easily removed.

fabric Protection

Smart Insurance provides a body repair system that can help keep your vehicle in pristine condition, without compromising your motor insurance no claims bonus.

This 36-month policy can help to ensure your vehicle remains free from damage caused by everyday motoring such as chips, minor dents, light scratches and scuffs. Smart insurance not only prevents you from loosing your no claims bonus on a minor repair it also stops you from having to pay your hefty motor insurance excess. The average motor insurance excess is £350; whereas the excess for a claim using Smart insurance is only £10!

Did you know?

  • Every year there are 2,3 million new cars sold, of which 80% suffer minor damage in the first 12 months of ownership.
  • The average loss on part exchange because of repairable minor cosmetic damage is £614.

What does it cover?

  • Scuffs up to 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth.
  • Dents up to 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth.
  • Scratches up to 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth.
  • Chips up to 3mm in diameter, 1.5mm in depth.

Smart Insurance

If I need to make a claim where is my vehicle repaired and by who?

  • Making a claim is easier than ever: either online at, with the Smart Insurance app or by calling the dedicated claim team during normal office hours.
  • All our technicians are mobile! They will come to you with there specially modified van to carry out the repair at your convenience.
  • All our repair technicians are trained and accredited to the highest industry standards, utilizing the very latest in vehicle body repair methods.
  • Repairs are carried out to BS 10125 standards with all technicians being British Kitemark and ATA certified.
  • Repairs are fully manufacturer approved and come complete with our Lifetime Guarantee for total peace of mind.

Making vehicle maintenance done by the experts even more affordable!

Our flexible Service Plan run by Sidegate Motors and administered by Y F & I enables you to spread the costs of your vehicles servicing with fixed monthly payments, just like you would with any other household bill. What's more by becoming a Service Plan member you gain access to additional benefits.

A few of the benefits of Service Plans include:

  • Affordable payments; small interest free fixed monthly payments that cover the cost of your vehicles servicing and routine repairs including parts and labour.
  • It’s inflation-proof; Service Plans guarantee you are paying today’s labour & parts prices throughout the term of the plan.
  • Service Plans are flexible; they can be tailored to suit you.
  • Quality is guaranteed; our expert technicians will carry out the work with the upmost attention to detail.
  • Help to maximise your vehicle’s value; when you come to sell your vehicle having good service history is very important. Being able to show a potential buyer you have Sidegate Motors service stamps in your service book will show them that you have taken very good care of the vehicle.
  • As a Service Plan customer, you will get 10% discount on any additional repairs your vehicle may need.

Personalise your plan

With a Service plan you can include additional maintenance work to your vehicle that it not normally covered in annual servicing. Some of the items you could include are:

  • MOT tests
  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Courtesy car charges
  • Cambelt changes
  • And many more options!

Focus and Improvement

The older a vehicle becomes, the higher the risk of mechanical or electrical failure. Repairs can be costly and are generally unexpected. You could avoid costs like these with a Sidegate Extended Warranty.

A modern vehicle is extremely complex, made up of many sophisticated moving parts. Which means that should your vehicle suffer a mechanical or electrical failure; the cost of repairs can be an unwelcome expense. The examples below are taken from a sample of over 28,000 repairs from 2012-2016 and reflect the average repair bills from various dealers throughout the country.

Extended Warranty

As you can see, these repairs can be costly. By protecting yourself with a Sidegate Extended Warranty you alleviate one of the motoring things we all worry about; unexpected costs!

If the vehicle you are purchasing is outside the manufacturer’s warranty don’t worry, for your peace of mind you will be pleased to know you will be covered by our very own three-month Sidegate Mechanical Breakdown Warranty, this warranty covers all major mechanical & electrical components (only excluding wear & tear items). In the unfortunate circumstance that you do have a problem with your vehicle we will prioritise your repair to minimize any inconvenience and have your vehicle inspected by our expert technicians. As with all used car warranties there is a small diagnostic fee of £89 inclusive of VAT & this will cover all diagnostic downloads & repairs up to one hour.

A courtesy car subject to availability is FREE subject to a £12 including VAT charge to cover insurance (a legal requirement). You can transfer your own fully comprehensive insurance to cover our car if you do not wish to pay the £12, we will require a copy of your cover note showing that our car is covered fully comprehensively.

Ask your Sales Executive for more information including a list of inclusions, exclusions and diagnostic fee’s.

Cover for accidental and malicious damage to your vehicles wheels & tyres.

Accidental damage is difficult to avoid, alloy wheels picking up scratches and scuffs is almost an inevitability! Not to mention with the amount of potholes, high kerbs and debris on our roads getting a puncture or alloy wheel damage is becoming a more frequent occurrence - and it’s even worse when the damage is caused by no fault of your own.

Wheel Protection

With Complete Wheel Protection you can rest assured that if any accidental or malicious damage happens to your alloy wheels or tyres, you’re covered.

Wheel Damage

Complete Wheel Protection covers your alloy wheels and tyres (including spare) against any accidental or malicious damage, keeping your tyres safe, alloy wheels looking brand new, and protecting you against any unexpected repair costs. This could prove very valuable if you look to part exchange your vehicle in the future as if you did have un repaired wheel damage this would affect the vehicles part exchange value; the average value of an alloy wheel refurbishment is £95+vat per wheel.


Choose between 3 different Complete Wheel Protection policy terms

You can choose between a 12-month, 24 month and 36-month policy. Each policy provides the same level of cover, but each length has a different number of maximum of claims that you can make. With a 12-month policy the maximum number of claims you can make is 4, with a 24-month the maximum is 8 claims and with a 36-month policy the maximum is 12 claims.

What happens when I need to make a claim?

When you need to make a claim you simply call the administrator within 30 days of the damage occurring. The repair or replacement will be done, a £10 excess will apply per claim. If you require a call out then a £10 call out charge will apply, however the £10 excess will not be charged for the first claim.

If you require replacement alloy wheel then Complete Wheel Protection will pay a £150 contribution towards the replacement alloy, however this will count as two claims towards your claims limit.

Ideal if you are looking to keep your vehicle free from scratches, dents & scuffs.

We know that purchasing or leasing a car is a big commitment and the last thing you want to do is to get a scratch or a scuff on your new car.

Cosmetic Repair insurance has been designed for this very reason and can cover the cost of repairs in the event that your car suffers minor cosmetic damages, such as light scratches, bumper scuffs, chips, minor dents and minor cosmetic damage to alloy wheels.

What are the benefits of Cosmetic Repair Insurance?

  • Helps you to maintain the new-look of your vehicle.
  • Helps maximise your vehicle’s future part exchange or resale value.
  • Combined cover for both alloy wheels and your vehicle’s bodywork.
  • It can cover the cost of repair of superficial damage avoiding the need to claim on your motor insurance.
  • No excess payment when claiming.
  • Choice of repair solution that is convenient for you.
  • No mileages restrictions.
  • All approved repairs come with a 5-year guarantee when you use our approved repairers

Who can have Cosmetic Repair Insurance for?

  • Retail customers purchasing passenger vehicles.
  • Vehicles under 5 years old at the start of the policy.
  • Policyholder must be a UK resident.

Choose between two policy lengths

Cosmetic Repair Insurance is available in both:

24-month or 36-month policy

Comestic Repair Insurance

Cover similar to FSI that if your car is stolen (and not recovered) or written off in an accident, you are protected against a potential financial loss. This will enable you to buy a replacement vehicle just as good as the one you bought originally. The main difference with Retail Price Protection is that you can have a shorter or longer period of cover.

Retial price Protection covers you against the financial shortfall you may face if your vehicle is subject of an insurance total loss due to fire, accident or theft. A total loss means that in your motor insurer’s view the vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair or that the vehicle has been stolen and not recovered.

What is the benefit?

Your comprehensive motor insurance policy will only make a payment based on what your motor insurer considered to be a reasonable value at the date of the total loss. Retail Price Protection GAP Insurance will pay an amount equal to the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the price you paid for the vehicle or, if greater,the amount you require to pay your early settlement amount under your finance agreement.

Retail Price Protection will also cover up to £250 towards your motor insurance excess as part of your total loss claim.

Retail Price Protection

Policy choices

Retail Price Protection is flexible to your vehicle and your budget!

You can choose between policy lengths of 24 months, 36 months or 48 months.

It’s also transferable

If you are able to transfer the unexpired portion of your insurance cover to a new vehicle as long as you sell your insured vehicle privately and purchase a new vehicle.

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